Tuesday, May 31, 2011

nail art favourites

perfect stamping
  great neon colours with tutorial
Love the grey glitter and the yellow gold
How awesome is this mani! from storming to cloudy n sunny :D

  sexy holo pattern @_@ Tutorial also in her blog
Love the neutral colours

My Nail graffiti's 100 follower giveaway

woah look at all them goodies!!

giveaway ends June 1.
go check out her blog for more details

Friday, May 27, 2011

nail art wheel

Confessions of a Polishaholic has an amazing nail art wheel! check out her blog for more detailed photos.. amazing stuff @_@

Thursday, May 26, 2011

Non Solo Kawaii in Wonderland

You have to go check out non solo Kawaii's wonderland nail designs!
all wonderfully edited and photographed to show non solo Kawaii's story through wonderland.
with 6 alice in wonderland designs to poll at the end!


definately unique! i love what theyve done with this storyboard nail designs.

inspirational manis

How awesome are these manicures??
they look so perfect ^________^

mine still look clumpy :(

check out their blogs :)

rainbow hair

ooooo.. loving this look/colour @_@

The phalanges files crackle polish giveaway!

oooooooo crackles @_@
ends june 4 2011
quick go enter!

Wednesday, May 25, 2011

Cel's 1 year blog birthday giveaway

Congrats to Cel and her blog/etsy 1 year birthday ^____^

check out that great giveaway package @_@ oodles of stuff.
Giveaway entries end June 25th 2011

quick! go enter:

Causewaymall order

Small order for Hong Kong based wholesale website :)
will see how the quality and fit is like first before i do any other orders.
Prices are pretty good for shoes and jewellery.
 winged crown necklace
 knuckle ring (tho the pic of the ring is upsidedown)
 Black and white striped dress
 Camel Boots
Silver Winged ring

Monday, May 23, 2011


 Eclipse blue glitter polish (about 5 layers)
 saw these on sale at a nail salon near work :D
 some nice subtle colours

 saw these babies in a $2 shop.. though these cost $3 each
 a foil

 lovely teal colour from chinaglaze - for aubrey
 color club rainbow glitter!
 silver holo - color club (but it was quite goopy so didnt turn out as nice)

black holo - also color club

Promise Phan

Promise Phan, an amazing makeup artist @_@ she has a facebook page and a youtube page also if you check out her tutorials.

she even does some to make herself look like justin beiber and michael jackson lol


How cute are these!!! XD

love kookizu's cute designs :)

i just ordered 1 of each colour for the popsicle stick necklaces hehe.. cant wait to get them

Tuesday, May 17, 2011

funkis x zanita

ooo la la.. liking these clogs.. but yea.. my feet dont work very well with hard soles :(