Tuesday, June 28, 2011


 Kookizu released these cute new popsicle designs recently which were sooo cute i had to buy them :P

 i received an awesomely cute thank you card!

i also got a bonus uber cute keyring XD as well as the popsicles hehe

 Some of my previous purchases that i love wearing in summer with my colourful dresses

check out Kookizu here

ze rings in real life

as per my previous post on when i bought these babies : Alternatives

heres my pic of the rings! they go well with my mani's hehe

Favourite mani's this week

loving the pink tone and the paisley floral pattern

amazing decorations!! im sure there another word for it but it escapes me just now

super cute way to use hot pink colour without having to look 'barbie'

eeeeee twin stars!! amazing freehand drawing once again :)

How awesome are these Vegimite Manis!! 

loving the matching rainbow and amazing eye makeup

controlled rainbow splatters hehe for lgbt pride

 ive seen alot of splatters going around lately. loving these colour combos

Pretty and Bright cherry blossoms

Shimmer Spark holo giveaway!

holo.. eeeeeeeeeeeeeee

giveaway ends July 1st!

Monday, June 27, 2011

blue da-ba-di da-ba-die

Eclilpse (639), Opi:Just Groovy, Konad:white, Eclipse (617)
 used some korean Eclipse nail polishes as well as Opi and Konad

 used my new plates hehe.. this design looks tribal to me 
funnily my bf's reaction was "oooOOoooo" when he saw them ahhahaha

 loving this design also. i think i prefer the frosted blue with the white stamping

 closeup on the nailpolish colours/bottles.

Tuesday, June 21, 2011

Weekly Favourites

technicolor leopard print!

rainbow dots!

wow embelishments!

lovely photography, makes the metalic donut really stand out

frosty snowflakes

lovely midnight blue design

Loving these uber cute stampings!

another amazing stamping design

uber cute hearts

 eee these microbes are sooo cute!! amazing freehand drawing

loving these skittles colours

Jessica's nail art giveaway

woooo.. check out them goodies. more detailed pics in her blog
entries close June 24th.

Monday, June 20, 2011


ooo im liking these creeper boots/shoes :D
by a designer/company named underground

dont mind the spiderweb knees either hehe

Source: Style Bubble

she did her own graffiti creepers too! go check her out

Sunday, June 19, 2011

Colourful nails for Fruity Lashes Summer Nail Giveaway

Fruity Lashes have an awesome nailpolish/makeup/false lashes giveaway.

ends 30th June

Here would be my summery nailpolish look

Friday, June 17, 2011

Born Pretty Store

I've seen this shop floating around the other nail blogs for nail stamping plates.
They have free shiping and pretty affordable prices. theres usually some 10% off codes floating around also for this shop with other bloggers

So i thought i'd try them out and bought the below:

10x eyelashes with eyelashglue (can be used as double eyelid glue)
for $4.18

i prefer large pattern stamping plates so i picked the below

cant wait to try them all :D

and these got to me in Australia within a week! pretty good