Wednesday, March 7, 2012

Super Sweet wedding proposal in korea

i had to share this :) its very sweet.

Nara is an Animator. Liz (Miss Kika) is an artist.
These two college sweethearts have both been artists in the bay area.
Last year, due to Nara's mother's health concerns, Nara and Liz have taken a year off from their work in San Francisco to be with Nara's family in Korea. During this time, Nara found a way to gather their closest friends all around the world to Korea to make this cute proposal event for Liz.
Thanks to the internet and their beloved friends, this magical event became a reality ^^

Live Music performed - THE PUPPIES
Sorry the drummer and the second guitar did not make it in the videos :(

Venue - EVERYDAY CUPCAKE CAFE (Seoul - Korea)

Liz and Nara's Korean blog -

Twinkie Chan's Crochet blog -

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