Thursday, July 14, 2011

David Jones : buy one get one free - til July 17th

I had a gift card to use and came across this deal at David Jones in Sydney.
Purchase any Nail Envy item and get 1 OPI of your choice for free.

normally this is an awesome deal.. but unfortunately things over here are stupid expensive :(

The Nail Envy product is $34 and the normal OPI's go for around $20.

so with my gift card this was a great deal. tho still one of the most expensive poilshes i have ever purchased :P

loving the OPI Skull and Glossbones colour though :)

OPI Skull & Glossbones with White Konad stamping

a lovely beige/cream/grey colour :)

im liking neutral colours right now hehe


  1. I'd be heading to DJs right now if I wasn't on no buy. What stamp plate did you use for this? I love the design

  2. plate m64 :) from Born pretty store plates