Thursday, July 14, 2011

new polishes

China Glaze Crackle Lightning Bolt : Essense Silver holo : Golden Rose Blue holo 102 : China Glaze hes going in circles

I bought these lovely holo's from the lovely Carina from Gilded Nails

check out their holo awesomeness

I used the following as my base colour
semi holo Color Club Worth The Risque & Eclipse 617 frosty blue with glitter

I then layered the blue Golden Rose Holo 102 over the blue and used the Essence silver holo over the silver to add more holo effect :D

holo'ish goodness :)

i used Color Club Worth the Risque as a base again 
with Chinaglaze green holo Hes going in circles over the top

 The Chinaglaze has a more obviouse linear holo effect with larger particles.. yumm

My Green/Silver holo mani

My blue & silver holo mani with stamping

Green and Silver holo mani with Stamping

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